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On The Fly - Digital Firsts - Dropping My Sub to F&SF - Parker

I think that the title of the episode sums it all up, but here's the rundown:

New KomicsKast coming soon )I hope!)

Digital Firsts? Don't you believe it!

Why I'm dropping my subscription to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

My thoughts on the recent movie, Parker. 

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On The Fly - The Red Panda - Another Local Con - Crusader Rabbit - The Sixth Gun

In this episode I talk about a wonderful original art page that I got from a comic that is based on the wonderful podcast radio show: The Red Panda - http://www.decoderringtheatre.com/

Visited a local con and managed to come away with only one book... but in the process forgot to buy something that I wanted to pick up there!

There's a set of Crusader Rabbit cartoons out on DVD that has over 10 hours of the character I remember from my childhood.

The Sixth Gun comics were going for really high prices.

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On The Fly - Secret Avengers and the Descendants - Movies I've seen lately - Another Podcast Recommendation

First up I talk about a new podcast that just started up: Comic Book Laundry


Then I move on to the Secret Avengers and Rick Remender's Descendant's storyline - one of my favorites in a while.

And lastly I talk about movies of interest that I've seen lately and what I thought of them.

Send Feedback to: komicskast@gmail.com

or post on the Facebook KomicsKast page: http://www.facebook.com/KomicsKast

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OTF - Animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I had a chance to watch the animated Dark Knight Returns feature that came out recently. Herein are my thoughts, as wishy-washy as they might be!

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On The Fly - Has It Really Been Two Weeks?!

The last couple weeks have been a blur. I talk about that and founder around desperately for some comics stuff to talk about.

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OTF - Showcase Presents Tales of the Unexpected!

Just a short one this time, but I just had to gush about this wonderful volume!

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On The Fly - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Kindle Comics, Starship Sofa

This time I talk about:

The second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on (one of) the Disney Channels

My investigation into publishing a comic via Amazon's Kindle Store Stephen Hines comic, by the way, is Clyde the Trucker)

And my total infatuation with the StarShip Sofa podcast!

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Sorry I haven't posted in the last week, but it's explained herein. Also go a bit off topic to talk about the prose fiction of two friends whose books / stories I've really enjoyed!


Lammers Burlington Iowa Historical Fiction Fans




Hope you enjoy!

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This time I go a bit off topic to talk about my thoughts and experience with various eBook readers. I haven't tried them all, so I can only tell you about the ones that I've tried, but I hope it's of help to those trying to decide if digital prose is for them or not.

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Just some thoughts regarding DC's Earth 2 comic. I read the first two issues this week.

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Some thoughts on Marvels Digital comics available from Comixology, and Comixology in general.

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A new Podcast I titled "On The Fly" for reasons I explain. This time I talk about the Mic Recorder App which allows me to Podcast from just about anywhere, and also Apple TV and Roku set top boxes. Feedback is appreciated!

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KomicsKast Audio Blog 091220 - My BOP

Just some random rambling in regards to some of the books I picked up at the FunnyBook Shop this week.

And the links I promised:


Comics Revue Magazine

Pacific Comics Club / Tony Raiola

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Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

Please join me in wishing Bruce a very happy birthday, with many more to come!!!

Bruce is spending his birthday at the Comic Geek Speak Episode 300 celebration!

Hopefully somebody who works at Golden Eagle will read this and give Bruce the senior citizens discount!!!

Love ya Bruce! Happy Birthday!!

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Jon's first KK blog post

I'm back from vacation, and I'm ready to rule the world!!!!

I'm going to try and help Bruce with the blog postings... much to Bruce's chagrin. :)

So in this initial blog posting I'd like to encourage everyone to visit the Comic Book Wiki

So, in closing, I'd also like to ask everyone to give the KK crew suggestions on topics you'd like to hear us discuss, debate, and destroy. :)

Please comment!


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