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VERY short one this time. Spent the day wondering what I could talk about and realized that the only comic I've read all week was Captain Marvel. I don't normally like to do negative reviews, but it's all I got! But hey! The pups decided to wrassle in the background, so at least THAT might be exciting...

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The Flash Gordon volume coming from IDW is 12 X 16" not 12 X 12 as I said last time... That sheds a whole new light on things and changes my opinion on the best choice.

I finished the Adaptoids story in Secret Avengers and REALLY liked it.

Got my copy of Van Reid's new book: Moss Farm, and have started to read (and enjoy) it. www.moosepath.com

Tony G. asks my opinion on IDW's Popeye series, and I oblige.

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This time I babble about the planet (?) of Adaptoids in Secret Avengers (and beg for help in finding out more about them)

Tom Hank's new animated series, Electric City:http://electriccity.yahoo.com/ep1-en-truth-or-consequences.html

Peter Rio's new podcast - The Daily Rios: http://thedailyrios.com/

And answer a question that Peter asked me to talk about months ago! 


(and by the way, the description at IDW says 12" X 16" - and that's a horse of a different color!


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Van Reid's New Moosepath League adventure; Moss Farm, or the Mysterious Missives of the Moosepath League! has been released and is available at:


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I talk about three small press creators and their various works. These are people whose work I really admire:

Daniel Elisii - Heyday Comics - http://insectash.com/

Kenn Minter - The Experts and I'm Not From Here - http://notfromherecomic.blogspot.com/

M Young - Kindlin' Quarterly and Wild Child - http://kindlinquarterly.com and http://wildchildcomics.blogspot.com/

Even if you don't want to hear me babble, PLEASE go check out the sites above and the work of these three folks, I can't imagine that you'll regret it!

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I talk about the Ultimates New Ultimates Collected edition, the (way too many) comics and books I got this week, and some things that intrigue me (or I think are of note) from the new Previews issue. All mixed in with lots of digression! 

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Sorry I haven't posted in the last week, but it's explained herein. Also go a bit off topic to talk about the prose fiction of two friends whose books / stories I've really enjoyed!


Lammers Burlington Iowa Historical Fiction Fans




Hope you enjoy!

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