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KomicsKast 121 - New Dc 52 part 9 (last part!)

This last episode on the New DC 52 includes my thoughts on; Justice League Dark 1, Savage Hawkman 1, Superman 1, Teen Titans 1, Voodoo 1, and All Star Western 1. Plus I also "grade on the curve" and tell you my top eleven issues, the one's that I'll be signing on for at the funnybook shop.

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KomicsKast 120 - New DC 52 Part 8

In this episode I discuss my thoughts on; Aquaman 1, Batman the Dark Knight 1, Blackhawks 1, The Flash 1, The Fury of Firestorm 1, Green Lantern New Guardians 1, and I, Vampire 1. There's also an audio comment from my friend Derek Coward as well as my thoughts on the nature of podcasting, or at least how it applies to me.

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KomicsKast 119 - New DC 52 Part 7

This time I discuss my thoughts on the New DC 52 titles: Green Lantern Corps 1, Legion of Super-Heroes 1, Nightwing 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 1, Supergirl 1, and Wonder Woman 1. I also mention the Comic Podcast Crossover which you can find on the Comic Book Savant feed: http://comicbooksavant.com/home/2011/9/18/the-comic-podcast-crossover-villains.html or in the Comic Book Noise feed: http://www.comicbooknoise.com/2011/09/24/comic-podcast-crossover-villains/

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KomicsKast 118 - New DC 52 Part 6

This is the fourth week (third if you ignore the Justice League book coming out a week early) and in this episode I talk about my thoughts regarding: Batman 1, Birds of Prey 1, Blue Beetle 1, Captain Atom 1, Catwoman 1, and Deadman 1. This one was easier than normal because I liked them all! Some more than others, sure, but... well, listen and I'll explain...

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KomicsKast 117 New DC 52 Part 5

The rest of the New DC 52 titles for this week, as well as my thoughts on John Carter - A Princess of Mars, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

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KomicsKast 116 - New DC 53 part 4

In this episode I share my thoughts regarding Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Frankenstein and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E., Green Lantern, and Grifter, first issues.

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KomicsKast 115 - New DC 52 part 3

I continue my talking about the New DC 52 titles - the other half of this week's entries, Hawk and Dove, Justice League International, Men of War, Omac, Static Shock, Stormwatch, and Swamp Thing.

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KomicsKast 114 - New DC 52 part 2

This episode I talk about my thoughts on the first six (that I read) of the New DC 52, Action Comics 1, Animal Man 1. Batgirl 1, Batman Detective 1, BatWing 1, and Green Arrow 1.

Send feekback! I love feedback!

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KomicsKast 113 - Justice League 1

I had hoped to post this review of Justice League 1 on Wednesday when it came out, but alas, life conspired against me! And then I forgot my password which cost me another day. Sigh...

Anyway, here is the first of (hopefully) several podcasts this month wherein I attempt to review all of DC's new 52.

Wish me luck!

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KomicsKast 112 - Short Box - Brave and the Bold #74 (and other stuff!)

In this episode I discuss my pocasting status.

Future Four Color: http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/

You Have Reached: http://www.deliberatenoise.com/yhr/

I also do another Short Box featuring Brave and Bold #74

Justin Madson's Breathers now available in both Trade Paperback, and digital versions:


My guilty pleasure - the original Dark Shadows soap opera

My comic strip scans groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dailydose/

I hope you enjoy! (And feel free to send feedback!)

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