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KomicsKast 103 - May 1962 - FF #5 and Incredible Hulk #2

Lyle, Van, and I are back to talk about the Superhero titles from Marvel cover date July 1962, Fantastic Four #5, and Incredible Hulk #2.

Besides a rundown of the stories and our comments about anything and everything in the issues, Van tells us about some of the other things that were going on in April 1962, when these issues were probably actually on the newsstand.

If you'd like to read along with us and be a (sort of) part of the show, you can read these issues in:

Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume One

Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Volume One

Incredible Hulk Masterworks Volume One

Incredible Hulk Essentials Volume One

Marvel Digital Comics Online

Marvel Comics Digital DVD sets (this Amazon page pretty well summarizes the sets, but buy from your favorite bookstore)

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...while I wait for some space to be freed up! The show is ready and will be posted ASAP.

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The BOP - 090131 - Catching Up

Disclaimer 1: Mark asked for this (look here) so any complaints should be directed at Mark and not Stephen and I!

Disclaimer 2: All opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the participants (well they are, but we'll never admit it!)

First up, some TV talk.

A bumper from Ric Croxton of the Book Cave Podcast (of which I've been a guest twice now!)

Then some comic talk, and we eventually even get to our BOP's (the bottom of the pile - the book we saved for last)

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