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KomicsKast Audio Blog 091220 - My BOP

Just some random rambling in regards to some of the books I picked up at the FunnyBook Shop this week.

And the links I promised:


Comics Revue Magazine

Pacific Comics Club / Tony Raiola

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What we are thankful for - contributors include:

These Nerds Are Right

The Book Cave

The Pop Cult Online


The N3RDcast

Our contributors talk a little about what they are thankful for in this Thanksgiving Season 2009

This show is dedicated to Eric Martin

(This show is not office safe!)

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I'm back and explain my hiatus. I also talk about Iron Man Armor Wars Animated, my comic Dutchy Digest, and Michael R. Neno's small press work.


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A friend and listener asked me to post something about our trip to Columbus for the SPACE 2009 convention last weekend. Who am I to turn down a listener request!

Back Porch Comics / SPACE

Dutchy Digest

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KomicsKast 104 - Space Family Robinson, Harry Lime, and Comic Apps

This time out, we've got a selection of segments that I did for other people's podcasts.

First up is a segment on Space Family Robinson Comics #1, originally produced for SciFiDig.

Next is a segment on the Old Time Radio Show, The Many Lives of Harry Lime that I did for The Book Cave.

And last is a segment on comics for the iPhone (and other devices of that ilk) for Indie Comic Book Noise.

Comic Book Attic


Cinematic Attic


Grand Comics Database


Internet Archive


Iverse Comics


UClick Comics


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KomicsKast 103 - May 1962 - FF #5 and Incredible Hulk #2

Lyle, Van, and I are back to talk about the Superhero titles from Marvel cover date July 1962, Fantastic Four #5, and Incredible Hulk #2.

Besides a rundown of the stories and our comments about anything and everything in the issues, Van tells us about some of the other things that were going on in April 1962, when these issues were probably actually on the newsstand.

If you'd like to read along with us and be a (sort of) part of the show, you can read these issues in:

Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume One

Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Volume One

Incredible Hulk Masterworks Volume One

Incredible Hulk Essentials Volume One

Marvel Digital Comics Online

Marvel Comics Digital DVD sets (this Amazon page pretty well summarizes the sets, but buy from your favorite bookstore)

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...while I wait for some space to be freed up! The show is ready and will be posted ASAP.

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The BOP - 090131 - Catching Up

Disclaimer 1: Mark asked for this (look here) so any complaints should be directed at Mark and not Stephen and I!

Disclaimer 2: All opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the participants (well they are, but we'll never admit it!)

First up, some TV talk.

A bumper from Ric Croxton of the Book Cave Podcast (of which I've been a guest twice now!)

Then some comic talk, and we eventually even get to our BOP's (the bottom of the pile - the book we saved for last)

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KomicsKast 102 - May 1962 - FF #4 and Incredible Hulk #1

Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and I, summarize and discuss the 4th issue of Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk #1 as well as set the stage with other events that were going on at the time that these issues were on the newstand.

Other comics that were cover dated May 1962 can be found here at: My Comic Shop


Please leave comments here or email me at: komicskast@gmail.com

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KomicsKast 101 - April 1962, Audio Blog Stuff

Congratulations to Jon and Kara Hook on the birth of their son, Coleman Robert Hook - January 9th, 2009.

Some more of my favorite podcasts that I forgot to mention in episode 99:

Aaron Macom's SciFiDig


Ric Croxton's The Book Cave

Todd Dolce's Behind the Lines (Blue Lines)


Scott Cederlund's Wednesday's Haul

10:20 Comics that shipped with a cover date of April 1962

16:13 Brain Boy #1 (Four Color Comics #1330) (Thanks to Stan Jones for loaning me the issue!)

26:22 Three friends have books out, or coming out:

Gary Petras' Farrow and Blackstorm, and the upcoming Thorndancer

Tom Lammer's Tales of the Atlas Implosion

TMD's The Henbanes: Chapter Two

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