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KomicsKast - #95 - Archie Andrew's Secret Identity!

Before I get to the main feature of this episode, I babble on about things that I've been enjoying, like the Hammer Horror Films and Terry Pratchett's Discworld Books. I also talk about a book that I didn't enjoy so much, DC's Lightning Saga Graphic Novel. And then, to wash the evil taint from our mouths, I wax poetic about the wonderful FREE comic book downloads at WOWIO.

The main segment this time was inspired by my friend Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig Podcast, who was telling me how much he enjoys the rundowns I did of the Silver Age Superman comics. Well! Don't let it be said that I don't pay attention to my listener! So I asked him if it would be alright if it wasn't a Superman comic, and he said, "sure." Being that I've lately developed a very unhealthy longing to read the superhero revival comics from the "OTHER" companies, I chose one of the Archie superhero titles, and no, I don't mean from their mid 60's revival of their golden age heroes like The Shield, the Hangman, etc., NO! I'm go on to tell you about one of the comics wherein Archie himself becomes Pureheart the Powerful! I want to acknowledge the invaluable information for this segment that I garnered from the wonderful Don Markstein's Toonopedia website, a treasure trove of information on old comics, comic strips, and cartoons (all the things I love to talk about here!)

And then lastly, I have a sort of rerun. Since I stopped doing the Indie Comic Book Noise podcast over at Derek Coward's Comic Book Noise podcast network, I've still been submitting Small Press segments for the show. Derek has been kind enough to include them in the show, but I suspect that my audience here does not cross over with the ICBN, so I'm "re-running" those segments here, a few weeks later. This time out, I talk about the works of Justin Madson, the creator of the various comics that can be found at Just Mad Books.

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KomicsKast - #94 Back to Basics - Tintin <p>Bruce is getting back to his roots with the first of his back to basics KomicsKast.</p>

<p>In this episode Bruce explains why he's gone solo, talks about one of his favorite comics from his childhood, Tintin, why he's dropping all his monthly titles, and recommends a few collected editions, current and soon to be published. Two links that he talks about on the show:</p>

 <p>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Le_Petit_Vingti%C3%A8me_number_32.jpg </p>


<p>Please let Bruce know what you think!</p>
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The BOP 6-1-08

  Who am I??  Where am I?  What place is thi... OK your not gonna buy the whole amnesia bit are ya?

  OK heres the skinny...various blah blah blah were keeping us from doing yada yada yada...which is why we weren't able to get done with etc etc ..etc.

  There..now your caught up.  Me and Jon this week..no Bruce..but an incredible simulation of a Bruce-ish type guy...  namely... his younger brother. Lets see how well he fares with The BOP shall we..

  Topics covered, Iron Man the flick, Speed Racer the MOVIE!!, and da' BOP


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