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the BOP 4-27-08

ok folks.. No Bruce... brief recap of last weeks Bop...which we never recorded...and then on to new stuff.. enjoy!



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The BOP 4-13-08

 A 2 hour freaking BOP!! Can you believe it??!!  Now...to be honest Jon pretty much holds court for the first hour...his stories of the Kansas City Planet Con are worth the download alone!! 

   Speaking of which.. check out this guy's site...listen in on the show to find out why you should!! www.CaptainSpectre.com

 Now Bruce aint here in person but he has graced us with both a Con report and a BOP audio bit.

 So in general we cover Cons, Pros, Fans and Costumes...

 Have fun


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The BOP 4-6-08

What is it about a man and his BOP? What causes him to forego basic grooming habits to partake of this odd event? What drives him thru truckloads of evil nere-do-wells to snuggle up to  his MP3 player  listening to a couple of old geezers talk about childish things? What forces him to push thru a sleep-deprived fog of numbness to fill up a word box with stupid questions..just to look like hes writing something important?

 The BOP my friends! I say unto you all...The BOP!!

 OK..enough of that..No Jon today...hes at a convention...and we tried to call him but no answer..pfft...well heck..cant blame him for that. We kind of wish we were there with him...but...next week when he returns...I'll do my best to make him feel guilty..I mean you know I will!! Bruce is here..and well...we just put up with that..I mean come on..the guy needs this you know?

 Filling in today is our good and understanding friend James...and we thank him for that.

 We talk reprint books,,,comic book movies...good art books..and as always..The BOP!

  Have fun...(just dont tell anyone)

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