A show about comics, small press comics, comic strips, and anything else on the periphery that I think you might enjoy hearing about!

This weeks BOP is short..well...short-ish. Got a new definitive version of the theme song. My buddies in the "Rice Cracker Project" put this version together for me.. and I think it sounds pretty sweet. So big thanks to Wayde and Nick on this...


 Got a report from Bruce on Pulp con and wishing Jon fun on his Upcoming Comic com...oh,,,and I think the Audio problems have been delt with...at least I HOPE so.



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The BOP 3-23-08

Yeah yeah I know...Bruce can barely be heard thru most of the Podcast.. however..it gets a little better about half way thru. Ok...well..I'm the sound engineer on this thing so I'll take the heat for it..but trust me..when the time comes...I'll find a way to take it out on Bruce.  :)

 On to what we can hear...theres me..hogging the mic for the first segment...talking about fun little finds I uncovered from a "Quarter Bin" Theres Bruce...talking about his upcoming Con trip/outing...and Jon...letting us in on  the Behind the scenes tomfoolery that goes on in a comic shop.

 Art and music actually kind of go along with each other this time aound...dont always expect that though.

 Enjoy what you can of this show...

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KomicsKast - #93 - THOR -  Journey Into Mystery 95 - 100

Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and myself (Bruce Rosenberger) take a good deep look at Journey Into Mystery issues 95 - 100.

Within these issues there are story elements that are put into place that will have ramifications on the future of the Thor stories. We also get to see some of the best work that Jack Kirby has done on the title (or maybe any title!) to date. The title still has a long way to go, but we think you'll agree with us that it's finally headed in the correct, if tenuous, direction.

We want to thank all those that have written to give us support and let us know that they think we're doing a good job. If you too would like to comment you can contact us at one of these places:

Right here at the bottom of the blog under comments

KomicsKast Forum

Or email me at: komicskast@gmail.com (and I'll pass it along to Lyle and Van)

We mentioned our friend Randy Sargent in the show and you can visit Sarge's Coloring Book by clicking the link.

Two internet resources that make our jobs easier:

Grand Comic Book Database

Marvel Month by Month

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The BOP 3-16-08

 Something..odd has been happening. I dont feel myself these days..well actually I do...but its normal and healthy, as long as I dont get caught. A strange undefining mood has come over me lately...as if..some unseen outside force has been..influencing me...moving me into uncharted mental waters.

 as if..voices...are...

    controlling my actions..


   ack...zzzttt... Everything is fine. We..er..this one is in complete compliance with normal human behavior.  That is all.


 Topics covered..disposable reading material. Please do not be alarmed.


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The BOP 3-9-08

Ok Lets get serious here...this is a show about comics and how they affect the world around us...the morality, the infrastructure, the very foundation of life itself. The universe suddenly becomes a huge swaying, lumbering pinata ready to burst forth with the sweet tasting candy of truth and mysterious plastic toys that symbolized man's need to play God!

.. and we....WE are weilding the the Broomstick of light, swinging wildly at this thing we ultimately call..


:)  actually we're just killing time on a sunday morning but what the heck, right??

By the way...absolutely no facts were harmed or even paid attention to during the making of this podcast.


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The Bop 3-2-08

Greets Folks...No Bruce this week...and we barely razzed him at all...whats with us these days??  Anyway..I briefly report on the Toonies an annual  Cartoonist Banquet I attended last night..whilst Jon regales us with a glorious tale of adventure and discovery and moral testing!!



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