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The BOP 2-24-08

Stephen here again...you folks thinking what I'm thinking..I think I got dumped with the job of hosting this thing for a while...now Bruce and Jon are being very supportive...but I'm thinking when they hang up...its all "poops and Giggles" if you know what I'm saying??


 None-the-less...its my baby again...and..we have a special guest appearance by none other that the Pod King of Podcast himself...Derek!!!

  He says he's here to thank Jon for something...personally..I think hes fishing around for me to take over his podcast duties too!!

  Nay I say!! NAY NAY NAY!! and Double NAY!!

  I got more NAYS if I need em so dont even try Derek!!


  Anyway..topics this week range between..yada yada...and etc..



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The BOP 2-17-08

Jon and I again..though...we are joined by a surprise guest appearance from an old old friend.


 We blast thru our piles like juggernauts until we reach a gut fluttering climax that will allmost surely leave you underwelmed!!

 subjects touched upon range from small pets drenched in bodily fluids to unfinished epics by long lost friends!

 keep a wastebasket handy!




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Orphan Toons Podcast #4

Unless you unexpectedly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, you're probably aware of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection 5, if you don't already own a set. Rachel Newstead and Kevin Wollenweber devote this edition of the Orphan Toons Podcast to some of the more overlooked cartoons on the first disk, including Chuck Jones'  screwball "A Pest In The House" and "You Were Never Duckier.

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The BOP 2-10-08

ok heres the 'heads up" in this episode...Bruce wasnt here..I recorded it..I went crazy with the power!!

  (dude also left me the keys to the whole she-bang!)

 Its me an Jon yakkin' about quarter bins, Monster movies, and our weekly recomendation for a great comic!!

  oh...and some music too...new version of "The BOP" and a couple of music pieces as filler between the breaks..first one is mine..and the second one is a collaboration between me and a fellow musician  Steve Journey.

  Hope ya dig the show...if you dont its Bruces fault...if you do...Jon and I will take the glory!



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the BOP (Bottom of the Pile) February 6th, 2008 - Just boring old Bruce...

By popular demand (okay, so only one person demanded it...) Bruce brings you his picks for the week. Actually, Bruce brings you his picks for the last two weeks, plus looks through what he just brought home from the funnybook shop!

As mentioned, for some great Retro Casts of Silver Age comics, you can go to the Comic Book Cast podcast page to listen to Avengers Retro Cast one and two. You can also go to the Uncanny X-Cast podcast page to download that podcast, each of which highlights five issues of classic X-men comics.

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