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Komicskast - #92 - THOR -  Journey Into Mystery 89 - 94

Join Mr. Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and myself Bruce Rosenberger, as we re-examine the next six Thor stories from Journey Into Mystery issues 89 through 94. After we provide a synopsis for each story, we examine the stories and art, and we try to track the genesis of a great character while also putting the stories into Marvel's Historical Perspective.

(BTW- if you've got a copy of the first Thor Marvel Masterworks, the first Thor Essentials, or a subscription to the new Marvel Comics Digital Comics site, it might be helpful to have the book or website on hand as we do occasionally reference panels and pages in various stories.)

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Komicskast - #91 - Iron Man - Tales of Suspense 39 - 44

Join Stephen, Jon Hook, and myself, as we go in depth on the first six issues of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense 39 - 44.

In this episode we break the issues down with a synopsis of the story, and the folks involved in creating that particular issue. We discuss what else was going on in the Marvel universe at the time, and the good and bad things that make the issue what it is.

Our friends Michael and Shane at the Comic Book Cast were actually two weeks ahead of us in posting a very similar series of shows featuring the Avengers. Please check them out, I found them very entertaining!

Marvel, Month by Month is the website that we've been using to help gather information as to what's been going on in the Marvel Universe.

And of course, no comics research project would be complete without information from the wonderful Grand Comic Book Database.

Join us next week on KK 92 when Lyle, Van, and I, tackle the second batch of Thor stories from Journey Into Mystery 89 - 94.

Please comment at our KomicsKast forums graciously supplied by the folks at Comic Geek Speak.

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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) January 13, Same Old Day!

Stephen's out sick, so Jon and I persevere without him, detailing out purchases from this past week, and eventually getting down to the BOP.

The mention of One More Day, and Brand New Day, sends us off into a long discussion about comics creators, and the companies they work for, and just what do they owe US, the readers?

Let us hear from YOU:

The KomicsKast forum

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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) January 6, 2008 - Christmas Presents

The BOP is Back!

Stephen, Jon, and I compare notes on the holidays, talk about the wonderful gifts that we got for Christmas, and even manage to talk about a comic or two!

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