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Komicskast - #90 - THOR -  Journey Into Mystery 83 - 88

Join Mr. Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and myself Bruce Rosenberger, as we re-examine the first six Thor stories from Journey Into Mystery issues 83 through 88. After we provide a synopsis for each story, we examine the stories and art, and we try to track the genesis of a great character while also putting the stories into Marvel's Historical Perspective.

We're just three guys who first discovered Thor over 40 years ago, but we hope that you'll join us for the first of what we hope will be many, episodes as we try to define what makes this great character great.

(BTW- if you've got a copy of the first Thor Marvel Masterworks, the first Thor Essentials, or a subscription to the new Marvel Comics Digital Comics site, it might be helpful to have the book or website on hand as we do occasionally reference panels and pages in various stories.)

We encourage you to comment on this episode in one of several ways:

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We'd love to hear from you!

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Orphan Toons Podcast 3: The ChristmasCast (Part Two) The celebration continues as Rachel and Kevin discuss more strange holiday toons. Included in this segment are Columbia's GIFTS FROM THE AIR and the Spotlight Orphan Toon (finally!) PEACE ON EARTH.
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Orphan Toons Podcast 3: The ChristmasCast (PartOne) Christmas is upon us, and the Orphan Toons Podcast celebrates it as ony they can. Join the celebration with Rachel and Kevin as they unearth some oddball and occasionally touching holiday toons.
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Here's a promo for some shows coming up this next week, here on the KomicsKast "network."
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Happy Holidays!
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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) December 16, 2007 - Plus some Collected Edition Recommendations Stephen, Jon, and I go through last weeks purchases and tell you what we liked and disliked. Find out how Bruce managed to spend $87, even with his hefty discount! Bruce recommends some trade paperbacks he's looking forward to.
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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) December 9, 2007 - We recommend... Besides our normal chat about the books we bought this past week, we also recommend some books that might make good Holiday gifts. More notes to come, getting late, must sleep!
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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) December 2, 2007 - Amish Joggers and Girl Cooties!

HERO for the holidays, find out how to donate atthe Comics Podcast Network.

Besides out normal chat about what comics we bought, and what's on "the bottom of our piles" we discuss Amish Joggers, and the, once very serious, disease of girl cooties.

A great online article about Jack Cole's Betsy and Me.

The Victorian Horrors of Old Mauch Chunk

A website devoted to the classic Dan Dare comics.

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