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KomicsKast - #89 - Presenting Public Domain Comic Book Theatre

This audio presentation featured the voice talents of:

Shawn Williams as the Narrator

Jamie Fickes as Roger Rodgers

Scott Cederlund as Frankenstein

The other characters were voiced by:

Scott Cederlund

Jamie Fickes

Jason Meadows

Ruston Meck

Bruce Rosenberger

Shawn Williams

Brian Wood

Original Music and sound effects by Stephen Prescott

Audio Adaptation by Bruce Rosenberger

Based on the original comic book story, The Swamp Spirit, by Dick Briefer. Originally presented in Frankenstein Comics issue 16 by Prize Comics.

Concept for the project by TMD

2nd Unit Direction: Shawn Williams

3rd Unit Direction: Scott Cederlund

Direction and Final Edit: Bruce Rosenberger

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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) October 28, 2007

As always on the BOP (bottom of the pile) Stephen, Jon, and I talk about the comics we bought this past week, and the highlights thereof.

Then we get into a discussion on "writing for the trade," and writing as a movie storyboard.

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The BOP (Bottom of the Pile) October 21, 2007

I had to take the weekend off, so Stephen and Jon hoped to get together to do a BOP. Apparently Stephen got busy and only Jon recorded, so here's Jon's BOP.

I'm all by my lonesome. Will someone give me a hug?

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Orphan Toons Podcast 2 The Bosko-Cast

Come join Kevin Wollenweber and me, Rachel Newstead, as we discuss our favorite song and dance man...Bosko?? Yes, that forgotten Looney Tunes and MGM star had some musical chops, and we take an in-depth look at some of Bosko's best "musical" toons.


Be sure to visit the blog The Home For Orphan Toons at http://orphan-toons.blogspot.com. (Don't forget the hyphen between "orphan" and "toons"--unfortunately I did, when I gave the URL at the beginning of the podcast).

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Stephen, Jon, and I talk about the latest episode of NBC's Heroes, Season Two, Episode Three, as we spin this segment off into its own podcast.

SPOILER WARNING - If you haven't watched the show, you may not want to listen to this episode, because we talk about the whole show.

You've been warned! Don't say we didn't tell you!

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Stephen, Jon Hook and I share our BOP's (the bottom of our piles). In fact, while we're at it, we share the whole pile!

Jon tells us what a Ventric Vesel is!

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KomicsKast - 87 - Nightwing and Flamebird - Golden Age Goodness!

So you think that you know who Nightwing is, eh? Jon Hook joins me to discuss the original Silver Age Nightwing, and his partner Flamebird. We recount the first appearance and then advise you as to where you can find that story, and the subsuquent appearances of the Dynamic Duo of Kandor!

Curiously, we've been talking about doing this episode for some time now, and I'm beginning to wonder if DC has my computer tapped, because this week you can pick up a traded edition of the stories of the Bottle City of Kandor. http://www.dccomics.com/graphic_novels/?gn=8005
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Stephen, Jon, and I, round out the show by talking about Heroes, Episode 3, my new podcast, Indie Comic Book Noise, and my recent visit to the N3RDcast podcast.
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One hour and six minutes of BOP (bottom of the pile)! Stephen, Jon, and I go in depth on the comics we bought this past week and why we like (or dislike) them.
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A call to arms! Help us with upcoming segments of the show!

(16:13) Heroes Season Two, Episode Two, and the online web comic.

(34:04) Comic Geek Speak Episode 300

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We somehow get on the topic of variety TV shows before we launch into the BOP (Bottom of Our Piles)

Jon does a review of the Revere TPB available from Archaia Studio Press.

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