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Komicskast 84 - The Stephen & Jon Show!

Receipe for Disaster:
1 lb Bright & Cheery Stephen
1 ton Sickly Jon
(hold the Birthday Boy Bruce)
Pinch of BOP
Dash of Fun

Dump entire mixture into iPod
Blend thoroughly
Listen at your own risk!

Stephen and a very sick Jon do their best to cover for Bruce as he spends his birthday partying with the CGS crowd at Episode 300!

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Happy Birthday Bruce!!!

Please join me in wishing Bruce a very happy birthday, with many more to come!!!

Bruce is spending his birthday at the Comic Geek Speak Episode 300 celebration!

Hopefully somebody who works at Golden Eagle will read this and give Bruce the senior citizens discount!!!

Love ya Bruce! Happy Birthday!!

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(00:55) Special Guest BOP

(24:09) Superman: Doomsday DVD Review

(33:00) Small Press Recommendations and My Week In Comics

Jon has an accident in the middle of the episode. A good friend does a special guest BOP (bottom of the pile). Bruce does his review of the new Superman:Doomsday DVD. More Bruce with some small press recommendations of several comics by Jason Meadows and Shawn Wagner. And finally, Bruce again, talks all about his adventure in Lancaster to sit in on the very first N3RDcast Live show on Cringehumor.net (live 12 - 3 on Saturdays) complete with video cast!

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Jon's back with us this week to discuss our BOPs (the Bottom of Our Piles), and Stephen "outs" Bruce.
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Stephen started the discussion on Iron Man and his apparent new popularity. What has re-vitalizing this character?

Then we move on to an off-topic conversation regarding our favorite Ray Harryhausen films.

(This show was pulled from the middle of the overall episode 82.)

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We start the week off with the BOP (the bottom of the pile) and then close out with some listener emails and some news.

The "meat" of the show (the middle part) was clipped and will be posted as KK 82 part 2, probably on Thursday!

Has anyone seen Jon? We're getting worried! We haven't heard from him!

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I've long had a certain fascination with--and pity for--Max Fleischer. Fascination because he advanced the art and technique of animation when his future rival Walt Disney still struggled with the rudiments of the form in Kansas City. Fleischer's cartoons were fluid and naturalistic when most "animated" cartoons still looked like glorified comic strips. He experimented with sound a full four years before Walt made STEAMBOAT WILLIE, and invented a 3D process (utilizing miniature sets, built and painted to match the "cartoony" look of the foreground characters) that seemed ingeniously simple in comparison to Disney's monstrous multiplane camera.

Yet despite the great strides he took in the field of animation, he would not receive proper recognition for it for decades....

(More at http://orphan-toons.blogspot.com)

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Jon Hook and Derek Coward (Comic Book Noise Network) join me (Bruce Rosenberger),in discussing the recent BBC show Jekyll.

We also discuss our BOPs (the bottom of our piles) for the week.

Derek explains the Noisey Awards in detail. Learn how you can be involved in the nomination process!

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Stephen's on vacation and Derek Coward of Comic Book Noise, joins Jon and I to talk about our weeks in comics and lots of other topics!

(0:00) Jon's week in comics.

(18:16) Derek's week in comics.

(28:13) Bruce's week in comics.

(44:25) Some recommendations from the current issue of Previews:

Pat Lewis' "The Claws Come Out"

"Comics Now!" magazine, from the folks that bring you Comic Geek Speak.

See you Thursday with part two of episode 81.

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Jon's first KK blog post

I'm back from vacation, and I'm ready to rule the world!!!!

I'm going to try and help Bruce with the blog postings... much to Bruce's chagrin. :)

So in this initial blog posting I'd like to encourage everyone to visit the Comic Book Wiki

So, in closing, I'd also like to ask everyone to give the KK crew suggestions on topics you'd like to hear us discuss, debate, and destroy. :)

Please comment!


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