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Komicskast - #71 Eisner Award Choices part 2, and the BOP! Part two of our discussion on the Eisner Awards Nominations for 2007. Stephen, Jon and I talk about our choices for each of the catagories. Then we discuss the BOP (Bottom of the Pile) and all the other comics we've bought or read since the last show. Dead Science © Stephen 2007
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Komicskast - #70 - Stephen takes over!

No, no, not as ominous as it sounds! I was away most of the weekend, so Stephen took over the recording chores. Neither Stephen nor Jon had the right programs to record a conversation so they each did their own. Stephen put the call out for me to do one as well, so I did!

(Mac Cobb art © Stephen 2007)

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On the heels of our, "whoops, we forgot to talk about comics episode, here is our "all content" episode.

Aaron Macom does the KomicsKast news.

Funnypapers: Terr'ble Thompson

The Eisner Nominations: what would you choose?

Review: Project X Challengers: Cup Noodle

Bottom of the pile.

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Stephen returned from seeing Pirates of the Carribean on a sugar/caffiene high that you have to hear to believe! Eventually Jon Hook and I managed to stop the ricochets and eventually we do get to some comics talk.

Most of the comics talk is our BOtP for comics purchased the week of May 31, 2007.

This one's a bit longer than normal so email me if you need it cut in half for listening on CD's. I'll be glad to help!

Oh, and if the children are listening, make sure you explain the dangers of sugar / caffiene highs! ;-)

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Classic Cartoons! Hopefully the first of many shows on classic cartoons (as well as some not so classic!)

I join Rachel Newstead and Kevin Wollenweber in a discussion on classic cartoons and their preservation.

Check back, better notes to follow!

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