A show about comics, small press comics, comic strips, and anything else on the periphery that I think you might enjoy hearing about!

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Podcasts of interest:

Bruce guested (again) on N3RDcast, and took along friend Steve, who did an excellent job despite the case of black plague he picked up at a Renaissance Faire the weekend before. (N3RDcast may not be work or children friendly, but its very funny!)

Thanks to Shawn of N3RDcast for reccomending episode 102 of Around Comics to me. It's a wonderful history of the Justice Society of America and should not be missed, even if you think you know everything that there is to know about the JSA.

Fantastic Four Movie Trailer

Heroes Finale

Possible Lone Ranger movie in the works?

BotP for comics shipped May 23, 2007, NOW with an original theme song by Stephen!

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Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig podcast joins us (sort of) for a little chatter and some Silver Age Goodness type fun.

The topic turns out to be Captain Marvel (the Shazam! version for anyone keeping track!

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I'm trying something new - minimal editing, which means that I can post a complete show the same day it's recorded (most of the editing that I do by the way, is to take out heavy breathing, lip smacks, mic clunks, and when we talk over each other). My feeling is that if I do this, it we leave me more time to research and produce some of my signature segments like Silver Age Goodness, and The Funnypapers.

Like I say, it's a test and we'd appreciate your feedback.

Joining us this show is Jon Hook whom you may know from his Great Comic Books segments on SciFiDig.

Most of the show is Bottom of the Pile this time since Jon had a big pile of new comics this week.

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The title says it all! We talk about the comics we bought from the week of May 9th, 2007 (this episode loaded with lots of goofy sound effects!)
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KomicsKast #64 - Cons, "Toonies", The Henbanes, FCBD 2007, Spidey 3 SPACE Con, Pittsburgh Con, The Toonies, Henbane, the comic book, Free Comic Book Day, N3RDcast, Spiderman 3.
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I'm back! Stephen and I discuss the comics we bought last week that shipped on May 2nd, 2007.
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