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Stephen is joined by Aaron Macom of SciFiDig (scifidig.com) in a coup attempt of KomicsKast, bottom of the pile segment!

Luckily, neither of them have my password for the Libsyn site! Phew! Coup averted!

Anyway, Stephen and Aaron get together to discuss the bottom of their piles while I'm away at the S.P.A.C.E. small press con. What I've heard so far is funny, as I'm sure the whole thing will be!

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KomicsKast #63 - Maddrox, Heroes, Movies, Woody Woodpecker

Stephen and I talk about:

Allentown Con and Chuck Satterlee

Upcoming SPACE Small Press Con

Movie Talk: Meet the Robinsons in 3D, and Grindhouse

Heroes Reminder

Maddrox Trade Paperback

Animation News: Woody Woodpecker gets the deluxe treatment

Bottom of the Pile

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Stephen and I discuss:

General Blather

Animation News - Fleischer Popeye on DVD!

Stephen recaps his Emerald City Comic Con experience and ALMOST meets a listener!

We shed a tear for all those deposed African Rulers who send you the emails...

Better show notes when I'm not so tired!

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Stephen's back, and we talk about the stuff we bought last week.
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Stephen's at the Emerald City Comic Con, so I'm joined for Bottom of the Pile, by one of my favorite podcasters, Scott Cederlund of the Wednesday's Haul Podcast.

Of course we do talk to Stephen, from the con, for a few minutes. He'll fill us in on all the details on the next show!

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