A show about comics, small press comics, comic strips, and anything else on the periphery that I think you might enjoy hearing about!

Show intro by Kwip, Happy Jack, and Dr. Sexy of the N3RDcast

Congrats on 50 from Scott Cederlund

Looking back on 50 episodes

We hear from some listeners and laugh about the N3RDcast intro

Fiendish Fables Review

Brainstorming a comic - A new chapter in the M F Captain Marvel story?

Bottom of the pile:

New Frontier (Absolute Edition)

Army of Darkness Vs. Marvel Zombies?

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KomicsKast #49 - Silver Age Goodness, Funnypapers, & More!

Stephen and I discuss:

Stephen's new podcast! Check it out HERE. We also talk about Comics Podcast Crossover #12 which can be found HERE. And Stephen discusses Retro technology.

SILVER AGE GOODNESS: Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible 5 Issue 5 (16:35)

THE FUNNYPAPERS: Gasoline Alley (48:22)


We chat about Superhero Movies (1:16:18)

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Stephen and I discuss:

New Year's Resolutions,

Remarks on Forum from last show,

What's on the Bottom of our Pile,

Christmas Gifts, and what to hang on the wall.

Better Show Notes, with time stamps, to Follow.

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