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The BOP 3-23-08

Yeah yeah I know...Bruce can barely be heard thru most of the Podcast.. however..it gets a little better about half way thru. Ok...well..I'm the sound engineer on this thing so I'll take the heat for it..but trust me..when the time comes...I'll find a way to take it out on Bruce.  :)

 On to what we can hear...theres me..hogging the mic for the first segment...talking about fun little finds I uncovered from a "Quarter Bin" Theres Bruce...talking about his upcoming Con trip/outing...and Jon...letting us in on  the Behind the scenes tomfoolery that goes on in a comic shop.

 Art and music actually kind of go along with each other this time aound...dont always expect that though.

 Enjoy what you can of this show...

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