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The BOP 2-24-08

Stephen here again...you folks thinking what I'm thinking..I think I got dumped with the job of hosting this thing for a while...now Bruce and Jon are being very supportive...but I'm thinking when they hang up...its all "poops and Giggles" if you know what I'm saying??


 None-the-less...its my baby again...and..we have a special guest appearance by none other that the Pod King of Podcast himself...Derek!!!

  He says he's here to thank Jon for something...personally..I think hes fishing around for me to take over his podcast duties too!!

  Nay I say!! NAY NAY NAY!! and Double NAY!!

  I got more NAYS if I need em so dont even try Derek!!


  Anyway..topics this week range between..yada yada...and etc..



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