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Komicskast - #79 - A-town Con, Fantagraphics, Shenzhen, BOP

Jon's on vacation so you're stuck with just Stephen and I!:

(1:31) Just general chatter, including the new Flash Gordon TV show. This quickly digresses into our discussion on our crushes on various Television actresses. And then, somehow, that evolves into a discussion on the new Jekyll TV series on BBV America, and various other versions of Jekyll and Hyde. Visit the KomicsKast Forum HERE to confess your own TV crushes!

(16:23) Stephen visited the Fantagraphics Company Store along with friend Stevie (visit Stevie's site HERE) and then went on to detail what he bought as well as extoll the virtues of his cartoonists club.

(32:11) Bruce attended the Lehigh Valley Comic Con and hung out with the N3RDcast guys, who were guests at the con. Despite Stephen's not being able to find them on iTunes, N3RDcast IS available through iTunes.

(49:23) Supernot Podcast Promo.

(50:04) The BOP (bottom of our piles).

(57:30) A review of Shenzhen, a book by Guy Delisle detailing his year in China as a supervisor for an animation studio, his travels, and the folks he met.

(1:03:19) Stephen talks about the movie Stardust, which leads to a long digression (are you seeing a theme here?) on Science Fiction movies and MORE TV crushes.

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