A show about comics, small press comics, comic strips, and anything else on the periphery that I think you might enjoy hearing about!

This time I spend a little (too much actually) time talking about my iPhone purchase and the whole Apple Store Experience. While I'm a big fan of Apple products, my time spent in the store did not impress me, but listen to the blog for more info on that topic!

Next up are some movies and TV shows that I've rented from Netflix, Elizabeth the Golden Age, Superman II the directors cut, Dark Shadows, and Curse of the Werewolf (with the young Oliver Reed).

Then I explain why it's my fault there's no BOP this week and then I spend time detailing what my BOP would have been.

Lastly, but most importantly, I implore you to head over to <a href='http://www.chrissandersart.com'>Chris Sanders Art .com</a> and check out Chris' amazing web comic, Kiskaloo! Calvin and Hobbes fans, as well as those of Walt Kelly's Pogo should be the most pleased,,,

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