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I'd like to apologize for the problems in this episode. I so wanted to use a mic other than the built in one on the Mac and purchased a headphone mic that Mark S had used for his Shanna review. Only problem was that it didn't work with the Mac. So I downloaded Audacity to the PC and recorded it there. The original file is where the glitches take place so it has something to do with the PC and/or Audacity. I went out and bought a USB headphone mic that Lene Taylor (I Read Comics Podcast) recommended and it's working fine! So next episode should sound much better!


Comic Geek Speak I want to congratulate the guys at CGS for reaching their 50th episode!

I Read Comics One of my favorite comics related podcasts, and it's by a girl!

Rocketo by Frank Espinosa and Marie Taylor You've got to check this one out! It's not often that CC and I agree!

Bags Unlimited All kinds of archival and storage supplies for the collector (or accumulator!)

Bruno Premiani The Doom Patrol artist that CC raves about.

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