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KomicsKast #53 - A New KirbyKast segment! Animated DVD Rants and Raves

Stephen and I discuss:

Update on our respective cons, The New York Comic Con, and The Emerald City Comic Con, Stephen's Animation Group, Bad Alien Productions, and Cartoonists Northwest Association.

Sword of Storms, and other animated direct to DVD features.

(27:25) Termite Terrace Yahoo group and possible classic animation podcast? Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection.

(34:24) A new KirbyKast!

Although the original KirbyKast was named for the group formed to share an interest in the works of Jack Kirby, I seldom, if ever, talked about the man. In this episode within an episode we answer a forum question regarding Jack Kirby's work on Classic Illustrated, as well as a new comic that might be called, "The Fantastic Four meet the Forever People."

Ultimate Fantastic Four: God Wars TPB

Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1

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