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KomicsKast #47 - Darwyn Cooke's Spirit, new comic preview...

Stephen and I discuss:

The big storm in the Pacific Northwest, Jack in the Box.

Comics Podcasts (22:55):

Comic Book Savant

Comic Book Attic

Collected Comics Library reaches it's 100th episode!

We discuss an audio comment from Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig podcast. (28:54)

My friend TMD sends me copies of the whole 19 page comic that he's working on, and we've been talking about on the show.(38:57)

My Blog (47:56): Raves and Rants.

Bottom of the Pile (49:19):

Darwyn Cooke's Spirit.

TwoMorrow's Rough Stuff Magazine.

Stephen and I want to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year! Best wishes for the new year! And thanks to all the folks that post on the forum or send email comments.

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