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KomicsKast #46 - Sick, N3RDcast X-over, Ditko Kirby, Colorization, Bottom of the Pile

Stephen and I discuss:

We've both been sick! The gruesome details!

My recent guest appearance on N3RDcast.(THAT'S NEENERNEENER.NET BRUCE!)

Some folks have listened to my old KirbyKast shows (pre-KomicsKast test show) and many folks have said that they enjoyed the segments by my son Cory. He's welcome whenever he has something he wants to say!

Some follow up remarks on our Ditko, Kirby discussion from last show.

Turner Classic Movies has been showing Superman Serials and has a show called Cartoon Alley that Bruce is enjoying due to it's "un-colorized" cartoons.

Bottom of the Pile:

Jeff Loeb and Darwyn Cooke's Batman Spirit Comic.

Matthew Hughes Archonate.com website where you can check out the free story that Bruce mentioned.

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