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KomicsKast #43 - Comics, TV's Heroes, and more comics!


Stephen and Van join me to gab about comics, Heroes the TV show, and more comics!

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The Monster of Frankestein

Some links of interest to those who'd like to see more of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein:

For a look at the humorous version you can find three stories reprinted at the site of the publishers of the wonderful Big Fun Comics Magazine: Big Fun Comics.

Two stories from issue #32 of the latter horror version can be found HERE.

And for a few samples of the comic strip version (reprinted in their entirety in Alter-Ego Halloween issues for 2004, 2005, and 2006) you can check out THIS page.

Golden Age of Comics Where you can find the 46th episode of GAC which features a great segment on Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. The "enhanced" version of the podcast should be up soon, containing pics to go along with the audio!

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