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KomicsKast #39 - CPC #8, Jack Staff, Hatter M, Warm & Fuzzy


I talk about the All Apes Comics Podcast Crossover episode #8; Paul Grist and his creations, Jack Staff and Kane; Frank Beddor's "The Looking Glass Wars" and "Hatter M'; and the Superman Returns 3D reels from View-Master. David Price chimes in with his second "Have A Sec?" segment regarding that age old question, monthlies vs. trades. And Braxton joins me in kicking off the first installment of "Warm and Fuzzy comic collecting stories."

Comics Podcast Crossover #8

Stop by the web page dedicated to ,Paul Grist's Jack Staff and Kane for more info on the characters and trade volumes.

Here's the Amazon link for the "amazon partner I ordered The Looking Glass Wars from. (I ordered from the first one, PBshop in GB.)

Here's the link to the downloadable first issue of Hatter M.

Visit the View-Master site for more info on where to find the Superman Returns (and others) 3D reels.

Direct Link to the KomicsKast and Comics Podcast Crossover forum that's kindly provided by the Comics Geek Speak guys!

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