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Crossover Comics Podcast #1

Who's who...

Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig podcast.

Chris "CCL" of the Collected Comics Library Podcast.

Mikel O.D. of the Most People Are DJ's podcast.

In reference to the BBC audio versions of several DC superhero events, I list the following links. I do not necessarily advocate your ordering them from the listed Amazon partners, but wanted to you all to see what I was talking about. I'm sure you can also search for them at your favorite used book seller's site, and even ebay.

The Adventure's of Superman: Doomsday and Beyond

Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga

Kingdom Come

Eagle One Media , publishers of the enhanced DVD versions of comics that Chris and Mikel speak of.

To listen or download:

Click on the POD link next to the episode title, or use the "direct download"link at the bottom of this episode blog

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