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Comics Podcast Crossover #2 - Nov. 5, 2005

The Lineup:

Mikel O.D. of the Most People Are DJ's podcast.

Chris "CCL" of the Collected Comics Library podcast.

Peter Rios of theComic Geek Speak podcast.

And of course, me, Bruce R of the KomicsKast podcast.


The Speakeasy Comics Forum where I found the proper pronunciation of Rocketo. And here's the link to the Rocketo page wherein you can see samples to decide for yourself whether its worth a read.


1. Identity Crisis

2. Rann/Thanagar War

3. Villians United

4. Superman: Sacrifice

5. Omac Project

6. Day of Vengeance

7. Crisis of Conscience (JLA 115-119)

The consensus was that a reader could "jump on" with Infinite Crisis. These books will however, "flesh" the story out.

The following books were deemed not crucial but will help to "flesh out" recent events:

DC Countdown: Prelude to Infinite Crisis

Flash: Secret of Barry Allen

Flash: Rogue War

Return of Donna Troy

Adam Strange: Planetary Heist

Chris at Collected Comics Library (link above) did a show (episode #31) devoted to Crisis tie-ins. Peter of Comic Geek Speak (link above) has been doing a rundown over a period of weeks and they have also recently had an episode devoted entirely to Infinity Crisis (spoiler alert!)

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