A show about comics, small press comics, comic strips, and anything else on the periphery that I think you might enjoy hearing about!
On The Fly - May 13th, 2014

Just me talking about the future of MY podcasting, as well as stuff I'm reading and watching.

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On The Fly - What I've Been Up To - Reminiscing!

Just me babbling about a comic I remember fondly from my childhood - Superman Annual #3, inspired by something I heard on one of my favorite podcasts, Avenger's Inspirations.

Mike's Amazing World Webpage: http://www.dcindexes.com/

Avenger's Inspirations Podcast: http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/podcast_main.php

Jon Wilson's Golden Age Superman Podcast: http://goldenagesuperman.libsyn.com/

(You'd think I could remember Jon's last name, since it is the same as my Grandparents!)

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On the Fly - Woo Hoo! My comics shipment arrived!!!

A new KomicsKast: Marvel Month by Month has been posted on the new KK feed at KomicsKast.com This one features comics cover dated August 1962 - and in particular Amazing Fantasy 15 and Journey Into Mystery 83. Derek Coward teamed up with me on the AF, and Lyle Tucker and Van Reid joined in on the JIM segment, to discuss those issues.

I also ramble on about the comics I recieved in my latest DCBS shipment, as well as those that I was expecting but did not receive (not DCBS's fault though).

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On The Fly - BIG NEWS!!!

Please listen to this show for big news concerning KomicsKast!

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KomicsKast 126 - Marvel Month By Month - DCBS - Small Press Digital - Guns of Shadow Valley - Superman: Unbound

Marvel Month by Month - almost here.

My first DCBS Order

Small Press Digital Comics: Fantasy Theartre - http://www.indyplanet.com/digital/product_info.php?products_id=8559

                                    Argonauts - http://tjcomics.com/argonauts-1-comixology/

Guns of Shadow Valley Kickstarter - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davewachter/the-guns-of-shadow-valley-complete-graphic-novel?ref=friends_backed

Steve Niles and Dave Wachter's Breath of Bones - http://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/22-772/Breath-of-Bones-A-Tale-of-the-Golem-1

Superman: Unbound - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2617456/?ref_=sr_1

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On The Fly - Digital Firsts - Dropping My Sub to F&SF - Parker

I think that the title of the episode sums it all up, but here's the rundown:

New KomicsKast coming soon )I hope!)

Digital Firsts? Don't you believe it!

Why I'm dropping my subscription to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

My thoughts on the recent movie, Parker. 

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On The Fly - The Red Panda - Another Local Con - Crusader Rabbit - The Sixth Gun

In this episode I talk about a wonderful original art page that I got from a comic that is based on the wonderful podcast radio show: The Red Panda - http://www.decoderringtheatre.com/

Visited a local con and managed to come away with only one book... but in the process forgot to buy something that I wanted to pick up there!

There's a set of Crusader Rabbit cartoons out on DVD that has over 10 hours of the character I remember from my childhood.

The Sixth Gun comics were going for really high prices.

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On The Fly - Dutchy Digest Deadline - Shows We Did - Free Comic Book Day

Dutchy Digest #7 was completed JUST in time.

We attended two shows - CGS Super Show and the S.P.A.C.E. show. 

Ric and I talked about S.P.A.C.E. on The Book Cave

What I did on Free Comic Book Day

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On The Fly - Comixology fail, and a big win! - American Comic Book Chronicles - Fringe - Total Recall

Comixology's gives away 700 free titles AND CRASHES!

But Comixology also had a BIG WIN (in my eyes) with it's Comixology Submit

American Comic Book Chronicles 1960 - 1964: http://twomorrows.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1083&zenid=fimjpjrop1rbn6ku6849osjvv6

And while I spent the weekend trying to draw a big chunk of Dutchy Digest #7 (Dutchydigest.com)

I watched several episodes of Fringe, and can't recommend it highly enough.

I also watched Total Recall (the new one)

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On The Fly - ALL Over The Place On This One! James Bond - Red Panda Comic - Alter-Ego 3D - "Blueberry" Pi

I apologize in advance! I'm all over the place on this one! (Or maybe that's a good thing?)

The Daily Rios Podcast: http://thedailyrios.com/

The Oscars Bond Tribute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofyyqgiWDqI

The Mask of the Red Panda: http://www.comixology.com/Mask-of-the-Red-Panda/comics-series/10059

Alter-Ego 115 - 3D Comics of the 1950's: http://twomorrows.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1029&zenid=56lnivc46tnrl7i5g24f6muqc3

Raspberry Pi (which I reffered to as the Blueberry Pi): http://www.raspberrypi.org/ and http://adafruit.com/category/105

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On The Fly - Secret Avengers and the Descendants - Movies I've seen lately - Another Podcast Recommendation

First up I talk about a new podcast that just started up: Comic Book Laundry


Then I move on to the Secret Avengers and Rick Remender's Descendant's storyline - one of my favorites in a while.

And lastly I talk about movies of interest that I've seen lately and what I thought of them.

Send Feedback to: komicskast@gmail.com

or post on the Facebook KomicsKast page: http://www.facebook.com/KomicsKast

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On The Fly - Plugging Podcasts - Catching up on: All New X-Men and Daredevil - Dark Victorian: Risen

I just wanted to mention a couple of my own favorite podcasts, as well as a new one.

I've actually been catching up on some comics and this week I read All New X-Men 1 - 5 and the 2nd Volume of Daredevil.

I'm also reading a neat Steampunk novel by a favorite artist.

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On The Fly - Superior Spider-Man, Dresden Files Comic, and Dick Briefer's Frankenstein

This time I talk about a couple comics I read: Superior Spider-Man and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #1.

Then I rave about a new digital collection of Dick Briefer's Frankenstein that is not only wonderful, but wonderfully priced!

Links that'll help:



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On The Fly - The Shocking Secrets of Amazing Spider-Man 700!

I had a chance to read Spider-Man 700 and related issues and I express some thoughts on the issues, and the controversy. Plus I discuss my resolutions for the new year.

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On The Fly - Vampire Hunters, OLD Guys, and the good old days, not to mention, good luck?!

I've been pretty lucky over the last couple weeks to receive four "first offered" movies; Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Expendables 2, Dark Shadows, and Men in Black 3. Am I really lucky, or is there some other reason that I've managed to get the four DVD's the first week they were offered?

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On The Fly - MIA, Adventure Pulp Con, Comic Shop Reopens, Amazing Spider-Man

I guess the title says it all! Or at least most of it... I do mention Fringe as well as two of my favorite podcasts:



I'll be back in a couple says with some thoughts on (and experiences with) computers.

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OTF - Animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I had a chance to watch the animated Dark Knight Returns feature that came out recently. Herein are my thoughts, as wishy-washy as they might be!

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On The Fly - A friend passes...

The owner of the comic shop that I've been going to for 26 years, Nick Yutko, has passed away. Just some reminiscing... 

R.I.P. Nick Yutko 1961 - 2012

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On The Fly - Has It Really Been Two Weeks?!

The last couple weeks have been a blur. I talk about that and founder around desperately for some comics stuff to talk about.

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On The Fly - Better late than never?

Sorry I've been delinquent with my episodes - explanation herein.

I also talk about a comic I bought and read this week - The Saint - From Moonstone.

See you in a week.

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OTF - Showcase Presents Tales of the Unexpected!

Just a short one this time, but I just had to gush about this wonderful volume!

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On The Fly - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Kindle Comics, Starship Sofa

This time I talk about:

The second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on (one of) the Disney Channels

My investigation into publishing a comic via Amazon's Kindle Store Stephen Hines comic, by the way, is Clyde the Trucker)

And my total infatuation with the StarShip Sofa podcast!

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KomicsKast 125 - Feedback, IDW Popeye reprint #1, The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E., Previews Highlights

Don't know why I hadn't thought of it, but I finally respond to the Feedback left on the KK Facebook page.

Some thoughts on IDW's Popeye reprint series - Dell's Popeye #1 by Bud Sagendorf

I read two issues of Life With Archie featuring the gang as agents of R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.

A few (for me anyway) highlights from the current Previews

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My four day visit to Columbus Ohio and the PulpFest and some thoughts regarding same.

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I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy the show for all the media stuff going on, but ended up getting some good bargains, so in the end, I guess I did enjoy it afterall! On this podcast I just talk about some of the stuff I got, and why I bought it. Some of you younger folks may not even have heard of some of it!

I need to go a more in depth show on those various Archie Genre stories!

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The title pretty much says it all!



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VERY short one this time. Spent the day wondering what I could talk about and realized that the only comic I've read all week was Captain Marvel. I don't normally like to do negative reviews, but it's all I got! But hey! The pups decided to wrassle in the background, so at least THAT might be exciting...

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The Flash Gordon volume coming from IDW is 12 X 16" not 12 X 12 as I said last time... That sheds a whole new light on things and changes my opinion on the best choice.

I finished the Adaptoids story in Secret Avengers and REALLY liked it.

Got my copy of Van Reid's new book: Moss Farm, and have started to read (and enjoy) it. www.moosepath.com

Tony G. asks my opinion on IDW's Popeye series, and I oblige.

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This time I babble about the planet (?) of Adaptoids in Secret Avengers (and beg for help in finding out more about them)

Tom Hank's new animated series, Electric City:http://electriccity.yahoo.com/ep1-en-truth-or-consequences.html

Peter Rio's new podcast - The Daily Rios: http://thedailyrios.com/

And answer a question that Peter asked me to talk about months ago! 


(and by the way, the description at IDW says 12" X 16" - and that's a horse of a different color!


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Van Reid's New Moosepath League adventure; Moss Farm, or the Mysterious Missives of the Moosepath League! has been released and is available at:


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I talk about three small press creators and their various works. These are people whose work I really admire:

Daniel Elisii - Heyday Comics - http://insectash.com/

Kenn Minter - The Experts and I'm Not From Here - http://notfromherecomic.blogspot.com/

M Young - Kindlin' Quarterly and Wild Child - http://kindlinquarterly.com and http://wildchildcomics.blogspot.com/

Even if you don't want to hear me babble, PLEASE go check out the sites above and the work of these three folks, I can't imagine that you'll regret it!

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I talk about the Ultimates New Ultimates Collected edition, the (way too many) comics and books I got this week, and some things that intrigue me (or I think are of note) from the new Previews issue. All mixed in with lots of digression! 

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Sorry I haven't posted in the last week, but it's explained herein. Also go a bit off topic to talk about the prose fiction of two friends whose books / stories I've really enjoyed!


Lammers Burlington Iowa Historical Fiction Fans




Hope you enjoy!

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Short show - my thoughts on the new DC DVD - Superman Vs. The Elite.

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This time I go a bit off topic to talk about my thoughts and experience with various eBook readers. I haven't tried them all, so I can only tell you about the ones that I've tried, but I hope it's of help to those trying to decide if digital prose is for them or not.

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Just some thoughts regarding DC's Earth 2 comic. I read the first two issues this week.

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Some thoughts on Marvels Digital comics available from Comixology, and Comixology in general.

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Some thoughts on the Ultimate Universe and the Death of Spider-Man and the reboot of the Universe since then.

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KomicsKast 122 - Magoo, Jolly Frolics, Sunday Funnies, and even a little comics talk!

Topics: When Magoo Flew - The Rise and Fall of Animation Studio UPA, Jolly Frollics DVD Collection, and The Mr. Magoo Theatrical Collection. Russ Cochran's Sunday Funnies, Stan Lynde's prose western novels, and a few comics that I'm reading.

Direct download: komicskast_122.mp3
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A new Podcast I titled "On The Fly" for reasons I explain. This time I talk about the Mic Recorder App which allows me to Podcast from just about anywhere, and also Apple TV and Roku set top boxes. Feedback is appreciated!

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KomicsKast 121 - New Dc 52 part 9 (last part!)

This last episode on the New DC 52 includes my thoughts on; Justice League Dark 1, Savage Hawkman 1, Superman 1, Teen Titans 1, Voodoo 1, and All Star Western 1. Plus I also "grade on the curve" and tell you my top eleven issues, the one's that I'll be signing on for at the funnybook shop.

Direct download: KomicsKast_121.mp3
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KomicsKast 120 - New DC 52 Part 8

In this episode I discuss my thoughts on; Aquaman 1, Batman the Dark Knight 1, Blackhawks 1, The Flash 1, The Fury of Firestorm 1, Green Lantern New Guardians 1, and I, Vampire 1. There's also an audio comment from my friend Derek Coward as well as my thoughts on the nature of podcasting, or at least how it applies to me.

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KomicsKast 119 - New DC 52 Part 7

This time I discuss my thoughts on the New DC 52 titles: Green Lantern Corps 1, Legion of Super-Heroes 1, Nightwing 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 1, Supergirl 1, and Wonder Woman 1. I also mention the Comic Podcast Crossover which you can find on the Comic Book Savant feed: http://comicbooksavant.com/home/2011/9/18/the-comic-podcast-crossover-villains.html or in the Comic Book Noise feed: http://www.comicbooknoise.com/2011/09/24/comic-podcast-crossover-villains/

Direct download: KomicsKast_119.mp3
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KomicsKast 118 - New DC 52 Part 6

This is the fourth week (third if you ignore the Justice League book coming out a week early) and in this episode I talk about my thoughts regarding: Batman 1, Birds of Prey 1, Blue Beetle 1, Captain Atom 1, Catwoman 1, and Deadman 1. This one was easier than normal because I liked them all! Some more than others, sure, but... well, listen and I'll explain...

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KomicsKast 117 New DC 52 Part 5

The rest of the New DC 52 titles for this week, as well as my thoughts on John Carter - A Princess of Mars, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

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KomicsKast 116 - New DC 53 part 4

In this episode I share my thoughts regarding Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Frankenstein and the Agents of S.H.A.D.E., Green Lantern, and Grifter, first issues.

Direct download: KomicsKast_116.mp3
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KomicsKast 115 - New DC 52 part 3

I continue my talking about the New DC 52 titles - the other half of this week's entries, Hawk and Dove, Justice League International, Men of War, Omac, Static Shock, Stormwatch, and Swamp Thing.

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KomicsKast 114 - New DC 52 part 2

This episode I talk about my thoughts on the first six (that I read) of the New DC 52, Action Comics 1, Animal Man 1. Batgirl 1, Batman Detective 1, BatWing 1, and Green Arrow 1.

Send feekback! I love feedback!

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KomicsKast 113 - Justice League 1

I had hoped to post this review of Justice League 1 on Wednesday when it came out, but alas, life conspired against me! And then I forgot my password which cost me another day. Sigh...

Anyway, here is the first of (hopefully) several podcasts this month wherein I attempt to review all of DC's new 52.

Wish me luck!

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KomicsKast 112 - Short Box - Brave and the Bold #74 (and other stuff!)

In this episode I discuss my pocasting status.

Future Four Color: http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/

You Have Reached: http://www.deliberatenoise.com/yhr/

I also do another Short Box featuring Brave and Bold #74

Justin Madson's Breathers now available in both Trade Paperback, and digital versions:


My guilty pleasure - the original Dark Shadows soap opera

My comic strip scans groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dailydose/

I hope you enjoy! (And feel free to send feedback!)

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KK 111 - Short Box 003 - Digital Comics and "STUFF"

In this Short Box segment, I talk about the third comic in the short box, Honey West #1 from Gold Key Comics, 1966. I also talk about some online digital comics, and end with just some stray thoughts from the past week regarding the cancellation of one of my favorite comics, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, some of the Geek TV shows I'm watching, and then I worry about all my "STUFF" that I'm accumulating and whether maybe I'm a hoarder or not.

Direct download: komicskast_111.mp3
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KK 110 - Short Box 002 & Reviews of some #1 issues

In this episode I talk about the second issue in my short box of coverless comics, Tales to Astonish 93. And since that doesn't take too long, I also talk about a bunch of #1 issues that I've recently purchased.

Feedback, written or recorded, is welcome! Send it to:


Direct download: komicskast_110.mp3
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KomicsKast 108 - Pulp AdventureCon

Just a short show detailing my visit to the Pulp AdventureCon in Bordentown NJ.


Please send comments to: komicskast@gmail.com

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KomicsKast - The Short Box 001 - Brave and the Bold 42

My recent purchase of a short box of coverless 60's comics from several publishers has inspired me to start a sub-show wherein I read and talk about each of the issues as I pull them out of the box. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Direct download: KK_SB001.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:55pm EDT

Links for people or things I talked about:

Lehigh Valley Comic Con - http://lehighvalleycomiccon.com/

Fred Hembeck - http://www.hembeck.com/

Khoi Pham - http://www.khoipham.com/

N3RDCast - http://neenerneener.net/

Darrell Goza - http://www.comicspace.com/darrell_goza/

Keith Dallas - http://www.th3rdworld.com/web-comic/Omega-Chase


Derek Coward - http://deliberatenoise.com/


Re: Some thoughts - komicskast@gmail.com

Direct download: komicskast_107.mp3
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It's been a while, but I'm back with a KomicsKast. Topics are Free Comic Book day goodies, as well as a BOP (but no, it's just me...)

To comment (and I'd love if you did!) http://www.thecomicforums.com/forum2//index.php?showforum=105

Direct download: komicskast_106.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:20pm EDT

Recording courtesy of the N3RDcast: http://neenerneener.net/


Direct download: CGSSS2010_WebcomicsPanel.mp3
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KomicsKast Audio Blog 091220 - My BOP

Just some random rambling in regards to some of the books I picked up at the FunnyBook Shop this week.

And the links I promised:


Comics Revue Magazine

Pacific Comics Club / Tony Raiola

Direct download: KK_audioblog_091220.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:33am EDT

What we are thankful for - contributors include:

These Nerds Are Right

The Book Cave

The Pop Cult Online


The N3RDcast

Our contributors talk a little about what they are thankful for in this Thanksgiving Season 2009

This show is dedicated to Eric Martin

(This show is not office safe!)

Direct download: CPC_Thanksgiving_2009.output.mp3
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I'm back and explain my hiatus. I also talk about Iron Man Armor Wars Animated, my comic Dutchy Digest, and Michael R. Neno's small press work.


Direct download: komicskast_105_1.mp3
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A friend and listener asked me to post something about our trip to Columbus for the SPACE 2009 convention last weekend. Who am I to turn down a listener request!

Back Porch Comics / SPACE

Dutchy Digest

Direct download: Audio_Blog_-_SPACE_2009.mp3
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KomicsKast 104 - Space Family Robinson, Harry Lime, and Comic Apps

This time out, we've got a selection of segments that I did for other people's podcasts.

First up is a segment on Space Family Robinson Comics #1, originally produced for SciFiDig.

Next is a segment on the Old Time Radio Show, The Many Lives of Harry Lime that I did for The Book Cave.

And last is a segment on comics for the iPhone (and other devices of that ilk) for Indie Comic Book Noise.

Comic Book Attic


Cinematic Attic


Grand Comics Database


Internet Archive


Iverse Comics


UClick Comics


Direct download: komicskast_104.mp3
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KomicsKast 103 - May 1962 - FF #5 and Incredible Hulk #2

Lyle, Van, and I are back to talk about the Superhero titles from Marvel cover date July 1962, Fantastic Four #5, and Incredible Hulk #2.

Besides a rundown of the stories and our comments about anything and everything in the issues, Van tells us about some of the other things that were going on in April 1962, when these issues were probably actually on the newsstand.

If you'd like to read along with us and be a (sort of) part of the show, you can read these issues in:

Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four Volume One

Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Volume One

Incredible Hulk Masterworks Volume One

Incredible Hulk Essentials Volume One

Marvel Digital Comics Online

Marvel Comics Digital DVD sets (this Amazon page pretty well summarizes the sets, but buy from your favorite bookstore)

Direct download: komicskast_103.mp3
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...while I wait for some space to be freed up! The show is ready and will be posted ASAP.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:07pm EDT

The BOP - 090131 - Catching Up

Disclaimer 1: Mark asked for this (look here) so any complaints should be directed at Mark and not Stephen and I!

Disclaimer 2: All opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the participants (well they are, but we'll never admit it!)

First up, some TV talk.

A bumper from Ric Croxton of the Book Cave Podcast (of which I've been a guest twice now!)

Then some comic talk, and we eventually even get to our BOP's (the bottom of the pile - the book we saved for last)

Direct download: the_BOP_090131b.mp3
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KomicsKast 102 - May 1962 - FF #4 and Incredible Hulk #1

Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and I, summarize and discuss the 4th issue of Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk #1 as well as set the stage with other events that were going on at the time that these issues were on the newstand.

Other comics that were cover dated May 1962 can be found here at: My Comic Shop


Please leave comments here or email me at: komicskast@gmail.com

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KomicsKast 101 - April 1962, Audio Blog Stuff

Congratulations to Jon and Kara Hook on the birth of their son, Coleman Robert Hook - January 9th, 2009.

Some more of my favorite podcasts that I forgot to mention in episode 99:

Aaron Macom's SciFiDig


Ric Croxton's The Book Cave

Todd Dolce's Behind the Lines (Blue Lines)


Scott Cederlund's Wednesday's Haul

10:20 Comics that shipped with a cover date of April 1962

16:13 Brain Boy #1 (Four Color Comics #1330) (Thanks to Stan Jones for loaning me the issue!)

26:22 Three friends have books out, or coming out:

Gary Petras' Farrow and Blackstorm, and the upcoming Thorndancer

Tom Lammer's Tales of the Atlas Implosion

TMD's The Henbanes: Chapter Two

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Komicskast Episode 100! March 1962 - Green Lantern 11, Fantastic Four 3

Finally! We hit episode 100 of KomicsKast!

First up a rundown of some of the other comics that were on the stands with a cover date of March 1962.

Next up, Michael Pindell talks about Green Lantern #11 (you all know that Michael is the host of the Comic Book Attic, right?)

Then, Lyle Tucker, Van Reid, and I tackle Fantastic Four #3.

Feedback: KomicsKast Blog

Or email me at: komicskast@gmail.com

Thanks for listening!

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KomicsKast 99 - February 1962

In the first segment I catch up with some audio blog items that I haven't yet had time to talk about:

ComicZeal and some new ways to use it on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Pixar documentary on Starz VOD

Jet Li and Jason Statham in the movie War

Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the movie Forbidden Kingdom

Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War

Netflix's "Watch Instantly" on your computer option

Internet Archive: http://www.archive.org/ and their collection of Jack Benny Christmas episodes

2009 Vintage DC Super Heroes Calendar

(Promo Code: goldenagecomics)

In the second segment I talk about comics that came out in February 1962 (as well as a few from January 1962)

In the third segment I mention some of my favorite podcasts ( the "I never miss an episode" ones)

Comic Book Attic


Comic Book Noise

Comic Book Savant

Collected Comics Library

Just Bill's Comic Book Drawer Box

Wednesday's Haul

Golden Age of Comic Books

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KomicsKast 98 - January 1962 - Fantastic Four 2, and Tales to Astonish 27

This time out, due to a major cold, I decide NOT to highlight what's going on in the rest of the comics universes, but jump right into our recaps and comments regarding the two superhero books that Marvel put out in January 1961, Fantastic Four 2, and Tales to Astonish 27 (the latter has only a marginal superhero connection, but you'll hear all about that!)

I'm joined by my good friends Lyle Tucker and Van Reid, and even if no one listening enjoys this, I can tell you, I DID!

My favorite sources:

Grand Comic Book Database

Marvel Month by Month

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KomicsKast #97 - December 1961 - Turok, Sea Devils, Superman Annual

Since Marvel didn't publish any superhero titles cover dated December 1961, it's given me the chance to take a look at the comics of other publishers from that month.

Neither of the books is a superhero book either, not that there weren't some being published, but both Turok Son of Stone 26 and Sea Devils 2 have a bit of Sci Fi, fantasy to them.

I also talk a bit about a comic that's very special to me, and why: Superman Annual 3.

I want to thank my friend Stan Jones for loaning me the Turok comic.

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KomicsKast #96 - November 1961

After a four month hiatus, KomicsKast is back with the first of what we hope will be many, breakdowns of comics by month. While the focus is on Marvel, we'll be talking about comics from many different companies. This time it's November 1961, the month Fantastic Four #1 came out (cover date).

Links of interest:

Legion of Substitute Podcasters

Sarge's Coloring Book

Twomorrows, home to Alter-Ego Magazine

The Grand Comics Database

My Comic Shop

Marvel Retro Cast

Not ANOTHER Comics Podcast

See you soon with another episode!

Our art this time is by the multi-talented Stephen, and Randy Sargent!

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KomicsKast Audio Blog - October 28, 2008 - Some wonderful things to do with your iPhone / iPod Touch

If you don't have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, don't despare, there may still be something of interest here for you as well!

The internet archive online:

Free iTalk recording program for iPhone / iPod Touch from Griffen:

WavePad mp3 sound editor (free):

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KomicsKast Audio Blog Oct. 26, 2008 - Gasoline Alley vol. 1, Dick Tracy vol. 1 I know, it was just yesterday that I uploaded the last audio blog, but I had a lot to say! This time I talk about (review?) Volume One of the Complete Gasoline Alley Dailies (Walt and Skeezix), and Volume One of the Complete Dick Tracy.
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KomicsKast Audio Blog Oct. 25, 2008 - Classic Comic Strips, ComicZeal

This time I discuss my errant ways, Classic Comic strip groups on Yahoo, and the ComicZeal comic reading program for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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And not only are we back with a new BOP, but Aaron Macom joins us live from the Mid Ohio Con (okay, he's actually in his car at the Mid Ohio Con, but give us a break!).

<a href='http://flickr.com/photos/acmacom/sets/72157607751540302/'>Aaron's Flickr page of photos from Mid Ohio Con.</a>

<a href='http://www.comicspace.com/ccicconi/'>Chad Ciccone</a>

After Aaron gets done (and if you know Aaron, you'll know why we had to wait until he was done!) Jon, Stephen, and I talk about our BOP's (which you may recall, stands for Bottom of the Pile or the thing that we saved for last - the best).

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I think the subject line pretty much says it all except for the links:



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I think the title of this episode says it all! I pretty much tell you about all the "STUFF" I bought in the the last week!!!

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Besides the new Marvel direct to DVD feature Next Avengers, I talk about my thoughts on Opening Atlantis by Harry Turtledove (after finishing it) and first impressions on starting Sebastian Faulk's new Bond novel, Devil May Care. Also my thoughts on the comic collections, Where's Dennis by Hank Ketchum, and Tall Tales by Al Jaffee.

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SciFiDig #174 includes an hour long segment on the Hammer Horror films. Co-hosted by Ric Croxton, we take a look at the various films we've watched recently, and what we thought of them.


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Regulars Happy Jack and Dr. Sexy both happen to be on vacation this week, so Kwip invited me and Jason Becker (creator of Killing Pickman) to join him on the show. All in all we did pretty well I thought, with discussions on the Kirkman video from a creator's point of view. and some chatter about what came out last week at the comics shops.

You can go to [url="http://neenerneener.net/"]NeenerNeener.net[/url] to check out the show notes and download or listen (but beware, this one is not for the kiddies!)

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Comics and books I got at the comic shop this week, comics and books I got in the mail, and comics and books that I picked up at the con last week. Noel Sickles, Chris Sanders and Kiskaloo, and understanding what's going on in Atomic Robo...

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My recent visits to the chiroprator, an Iron Pigs ball game this weekend, the comics I bought last week, a book I'm reading, and one I'm listening to, and some comics I won from the Comic Book Attic podcast (comicbookattic.libsyn.com) arrived.

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So when is the right time to move for a job?


Bud Plant Art Books

Comics Playground

Grass Green Tribute Page

Comic Book Attic and Cinematic Attic

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This time I spend a little (too much actually) time talking about my iPhone purchase and the whole Apple Store Experience. While I'm a big fan of Apple products, my time spent in the store did not impress me, but listen to the blog for more info on that topic!

Next up are some movies and TV shows that I've rented from Netflix, Elizabeth the Golden Age, Superman II the directors cut, Dark Shadows, and Curse of the Werewolf (with the young Oliver Reed).

Then I explain why it's my fault there's no BOP this week and then I spend time detailing what my BOP would have been.

Lastly, but most importantly, I implore you to head over to <a href='http://www.chrissandersart.com'>Chris Sanders Art .com</a> and check out Chris' amazing web comic, Kiskaloo! Calvin and Hobbes fans, as well as those of Walt Kelly's Pogo should be the most pleased,,,

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Three main topics this time:

My BOP for the week.

Decoder Ring Theatre

Social networking on Netflix.

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Me again, rambling on about my crazy hectic week (again), the last live N3RDcast, my wifes run in with a kidney stone, my audio comment on Comic Book Noise 128, my package from Silver Comics, and the books I just got from the Science Fiction Book Club.

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The BOP 7-13-08

Hey folks..its been a while but the whole gang is back!!  We catch up on new events including a surprise announcement from Jon..

 Give our take on the new Hulk movie...and pick on Bruce for not seeing it yet!!

 Then off we go into a sort of newer version of The BOP...we aint gonna hit you with the same old things...just new stuff that has come out and caught our eye & old stuff that has stood out!

 The Art was supplied by a friend of ours, Jason Meadows, of the Leadslinger Studios, and the N3RDcast podcast. Thank you Jason!

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I finished reading Ultimate Spider-man Volume 19, and I talk about it.

MY Previews highlights - i go through the Previews catalogue and point out the things that interest me.

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Hooray! I got mail! So... I go over the emails I got since the last audio blog a couple days ago.

Just a LITTLE more chatter on the iPhone and the Palm T/X.

Had a chance this morning to watch the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD.

Also got a copy of Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero, illustrated by Paul Kidby.

Received an order from In Stock Trades and I go over the contents.

My friend Scott Cerderlund does a wonderful blog:Wednesday's Haul Blog

Cory Doctorow's Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now graphic novel is out from IDW. I explain why I was boycotting IDW, and why I may now go out and buy the TPB:Cory Doctorow's Boing Boing article on his Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now

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Just some ramblings from a lousy typist...

No real content, but I talk about deciding which Batman: Gotham Knight edition to buy, the single or the two disk set. My son Cory says, "no one writes Spider-man like Brian Michael Bendis does" and I think he may well be right after reading volume 19 of the Ultimate Spider-man tpb's.

What criteria should an aging tech junkie be looking for in his gadgets? Do I really need an iPhone? What about OpenMoko's Neo Freeruner? Would that be a wiser purchase? Will it be available from T-Mobile, who has served us well for over 5 years? Do I really need a Palm device on top of all the other gadgets I carry with me each day?

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KomicsKast - #95 - Archie Andrew's Secret Identity!

Before I get to the main feature of this episode, I babble on about things that I've been enjoying, like the Hammer Horror Films and Terry Pratchett's Discworld Books. I also talk about a book that I didn't enjoy so much, DC's Lightning Saga Graphic Novel. And then, to wash the evil taint from our mouths, I wax poetic about the wonderful FREE comic book downloads at WOWIO.

The main segment this time was inspired by my friend Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig Podcast, who was telling me how much he enjoys the rundowns I did of the Silver Age Superman comics. Well! Don't let it be said that I don't pay attention to my listener! So I asked him if it would be alright if it wasn't a Superman comic, and he said, "sure." Being that I've lately developed a very unhealthy longing to read the superhero revival comics from the "OTHER" companies, I chose one of the Archie superhero titles, and no, I don't mean from their mid 60's revival of their golden age heroes like The Shield, the Hangman, etc., NO! I'm go on to tell you about one of the comics wherein Archie himself becomes Pureheart the Powerful! I want to acknowledge the invaluable information for this segment that I garnered from the wonderful Don Markstein's Toonopedia website, a treasure trove of information on old comics, comic strips, and cartoons (all the things I love to talk about here!)

And then lastly, I have a sort of rerun. Since I stopped doing the Indie Comic Book Noise podcast over at Derek Coward's Comic Book Noise podcast network, I've still been submitting Small Press segments for the show. Derek has been kind enough to include them in the show, but I suspect that my audience here does not cross over with the ICBN, so I'm "re-running" those segments here, a few weeks later. This time out, I talk about the works of Justin Madson, the creator of the various comics that can be found at Just Mad Books.

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KomicsKast - #94 Back to Basics - Tintin <p>Bruce is getting back to his roots with the first of his back to basics KomicsKast.</p>

<p>In this episode Bruce explains why he's gone solo, talks about one of his favorite comics from his childhood, Tintin, why he's dropping all his monthly titles, and recommends a few collected editions, current and soon to be published. Two links that he talks about on the show:</p>

 <p>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Le_Petit_Vingti%C3%A8me_number_32.jpg </p>


<p>Please let Bruce know what you think!</p>
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The BOP 6-1-08

  Who am I??  Where am I?  What place is thi... OK your not gonna buy the whole amnesia bit are ya?

  OK heres the skinny...various blah blah blah were keeping us from doing yada yada yada...which is why we weren't able to get done with etc etc ..etc.

  There..now your caught up.  Me and Jon this week..no Bruce..but an incredible simulation of a Bruce-ish type guy...  namely... his younger brother. Lets see how well he fares with The BOP shall we..

  Topics covered, Iron Man the flick, Speed Racer the MOVIE!!, and da' BOP


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No Stephen, no Jon, just lonely old me. My adventures at Pittsburgh Comic Con My BOP for last week, only a couple comics, but lots of other goodies!
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Dutchy Digest Free Comic Book Day Issue 2008

The Dutchy Digest Free Comic Book Day 2008 issue is posted and ready for download! Just go on over to the Dutchy Digest web page, follow the links, download the sides one, two, three, and four images, print one and two back to back, three and four back to back, fold, and staple (if so inclined) and PRESTO! you've got your very own FCBD issue. Hope you enjoy.


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the BOP 4-27-08

ok folks.. No Bruce... brief recap of last weeks Bop...which we never recorded...and then on to new stuff.. enjoy!



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The BOP 4-13-08

 A 2 hour freaking BOP!! Can you believe it??!!  Now...to be honest Jon pretty much holds court for the first hour...his stories of the Kansas City Planet Con are worth the download alone!! 

   Speaking of which.. check out this guy's site...listen in on the show to find out why you should!! www.CaptainSpectre.com

 Now Bruce aint here in person but he has graced us with both a Con report and a BOP audio bit.

 So in general we cover Cons, Pros, Fans and Costumes...

 Have fun


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The BOP 4-6-08

What is it about a man and his BOP? What causes him to forego basic grooming habits to partake of this odd event? What drives him thru truckloads of evil nere-do-wells to snuggle up to  his MP3 player  listening to a couple of old geezers talk about childish things? What forces him to push thru a sleep-deprived fog of numbness to fill up a word box with stupid questions..just to look like hes writing something important?

 The BOP my friends! I say unto you all...The BOP!!

 OK..enough of that..No Jon today...hes at a convention...and we tried to call him but no answer..pfft...well heck..cant blame him for that. We kind of wish we were there with him...but...next week when he returns...I'll do my best to make him feel guilty..I mean you know I will!! Bruce is here..and well...we just put up with that..I mean come on..the guy needs this you know?

 Filling in today is our good and understanding friend James...and we thank him for that.

 We talk reprint books,,,comic book movies...good art books..and as always..The BOP!

  Have fun...(just dont tell anyone)

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This weeks BOP is short..well...short-ish. Got a new definitive version of the theme song. My buddies in the "Rice Cracker Project" put this version together for me.. and I think it sounds pretty sweet. So big thanks to Wayde and Nick on this...


 Got a report from Bruce on Pulp con and wishing Jon fun on his Upcoming Comic com...oh,,,and I think the Audio problems have been delt with...at least I HOPE so.



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